The Hookup Equation by Roxie Noir (New Release)

The Hookup Equation by Roxie Noir Series: Loveless Brothers, Book 4Style: Romantic ComedyRelease Date: February 26, 2020 PurchaseAmazon Loveless Brothers Series May 15, 2019Book 1Purchase August 14, 2019Book 2Purchase November 21, 2019Book 3Purchase February 26, 2020Book 4Purchase Synopsis Teach me everything. The Hookup Equation, an all-new romantic comedy with “the perfect mixture of witty banter... Continue Reading →

Baker's Coven by Nancy Warren (Teaser)

Baker's Coven by Nancy Warren Series: Great Witches Baking Show, Book TwoStyle: Paranormal MysteryRelease Date: March 18, 2020 Pre-OrderAmazon Great Witches Baking Show Series January 15, 2020Book 1Purchase March 18, 2020Book 2Pre-Order May 20, 2020Book 3Pre-Order Synopsis Can she bake a winning cake without getting iced? Competition is hotter than the pre-heated ovens as The... Continue Reading →

Tangled by Harlow James (Review)

Tangled by Harlow James Series: Emerson Falls, Book OneStyle: Contemporary Romance, One-Night Stand, WorkplaceFormat: ebookRelease Date: December 19, 2019 PurchaseAmazon Synopsis Kane:One night, that’s all it was supposed to be. Tony—my confidant and the bartender I made friends with when I moved to Emerson Falls, Oregon—pushed me to have some fun, a word I’ve forgotten... Continue Reading →

Swinging Strike by Kimberly Readnour (New Release)

Swinging Strike by Kimberly Readnour Series: Cessna U Wildcats, Book 1Style: Sports Romance (Baseball), Enemies to LoversRelease Date: February 20, 2020 PurchaseAmazon Synopsis Dating the Hot Athlete? Yeah, Been There, Done That…Braxton Smith.Cessna University’s baseball captain.Naturally talented.Sinfully gorgeous.And exudes enough arrogance to fill a stadium. That same cocky attitude is what landed him in my... Continue Reading →

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