Lost & Found by Anna B. Doe (ARC Review)

Lost & Found by Anna B. Doe

New York Knights, Book 1
Sports Romance (Football)
Release Date – January 17, 2020

Purchase – Available in Kindle Unlimited
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Wouldn’t want that small junk of yours even if it was the last one on Earth and mine fell off

J.D. Shelton

About Lost & Found

She is everything he ever wanted.
He is everything she needs to stay away from.

College graduate Anabel Majer is feeling lost. With the uncertainty of her future weighing on her, she accepts a job as an au pair. Traveling to the States was supposed to be a chance to find herself beyond her life in Croatia, not get swept away by a handsome stranger.

A Super Bowl ring is the only thing New York Knights quarterback William Price is missing. Or so he thought. After meeting a gorgeous nanny with a sexy accent, he soon realizes she’s everything he’s ever wanted. Her hot and cold signals are throwing him off his game, but he won’t give up easily.

One night, their lives collide, and nothing will ever be the same. Anabel’s time in America is limited, but William won’t let anything stand in his way of getting the girl of his dreams, because sometimes to find what’s missing, you have to get a little lost.

Lost & Found is book one in William and Anabel duet. You can read the conclusion of their story in Forever, New York Knights Novella.

*ARC was provided for my honest review*

Lost & Found is the first book in the New York Knights series which can be read as a stand-alone or as the beginning of the series. This book is told in the first person POV of William and Anable. Lost & Found is a sports romance.

Anabel is lost as to who she is and who she wants to be. She is on break from her school and needs to figure out what to do with herself. Her best friend suggests that she goes to the States for a year and work as an au pair. Anabel is enjoying her time in the States, making friends and writing her book. While at a club, Anabel runs into a wall of beautiful mussel which sends shivers through her whole body.

William is the star Quarterback for the New York Knights and he wants to get to know Anabel better and be with her but she has walls up and does not want to let anyone in too far as she knows that her time in the States is limited and she eventually has to return to Croatia. William knows that there is no one else for him and he is willing to wait for her but when she disappears without a word he becomes determined to find her and make her see that she is the only one for him.

Lost & Found was the first book that I have read by Anna B. Doe and all though I did enjoy the book, I found it to be a little longer than I believe it needed to be. It follows the year in Anabel’s life that she is in the States and her return to Croatia. Anabel got on my nerves at times but I also could understand where she was coming from. William is a sexy saint of a football player.

New York Knights Series

January 5, 2018
Amazon (US) Amazon (CA)

About Anna B. Doe

Anna B. Doe is a young adult and new adult contemporary romance author. She writes real-life romance that is equal parts sweet and sexy. She’s a coffee and chocolate addict. Like her characters, she loves those two things dark, sweet and with little extra spice.

When she’s not working for a living or writing her newest book you can find her reading books or binge-watching TV shows. Originally from Croatia, she is always planning her next trip because wanderlust is in her blood. 

She is currently working on various projects. Some more secret than others.

Connect with Anna B. Doe
Facebook | Instagram | Amazon | Bookbub | Goodreads | Website

Disclaimer ~ Due to the nature of this novel it is not recommended for people under the age of 18
Disclaimer ~ I received this ARC in exchange for my honest review

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