The Penalty Box by Anna B. Doe (Cover Reveal)

The Penalty Box by Anna B. Doe

Series: Greyford High, Book 4
Style: Sports Romance (Hockey), Friends to Lovers
Release Date: February 7, 2020
Cover Design: Najla Qamber Designs

Greyford High Series

Greyford High, Book 1
November 23, 2019
Amazon (US)
Amazon (CA)
Greyford High, Book 2
March 27, 2019
Amazon (US)
Amazon (CA)
Greyford High, Book 3
November 8, 2019
Amazon (US)
Amazon (CA)
Greyford High Novella
February 7, 2020

The Penalty Box

Liam Ward just got the starter position on the hockey team and he’s determined to have the best year of his life. If only his teammates would stop pointing out how “grown-up” his best friend has become and putting thoughts he most definitely shouldn’t think about in his head.

Evie Clark wasn’t supposed to fall in love with her best friend, but she did. She doesn’t know when or how it happened, only that one day being close to him brought butterflies to her belly and her heart would start racing every time he was near. If only the feeling were mutual.

Just when Evie thinks there might be hope for the two of them, she sees Liam flirting with another girl. To put a stop to her feelings before it’s too late, Evie will do anything, even go out with a football quarterback.

She might have put him in the penalty box, but the moment the timer buzzes, this hockey player is determined to win the game.

The Penalty Box is a complete standalone, sweet YA sports romance novella taking place in the world of Greyford High.

Meet Anna B. Doe

Anna B. Doe is a young adult and new adult contemporary romance author. She writes real-life romance that is equal parts sweet and sexy. She’s a coffee and chocolate addict. Like her characters, she loves those two things dark, sweet and with little extra spice.

When she’s not working for a living or writing her newest book you can find her reading books or binge-watching TV shows. Originally from Croatia, she is always planning her next trip because wanderlust is in her blood. 

She is currently working on various projects. Some more secret than others.

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