Hidden Kisses by Laura John (Review)

Hidden Kisses by Laura John

Series: Love in Sienna, Book 2
Style: Contemporary Romance, Sports Romance (Baseball)
Format: ebook
Release Date: December 2, 2019


Love in Sienna Series

Book 1
September 4, 2019
Book 2
December 2, 2019
Book 3
February 25, 2020


Johnny Crown is the man everyone loves to hate. He has his dream job as a pitcher on his favorite baseball team, women falling at his feet, and the attitude to match. Life is perfect…until he meets Leah. Then, for the first time, he wants to change and make himself worthy of her. But after he tells a lie that almost ruins his friendโ€™s life, will Leah even bother giving him a chance?

Leah Gulfson works in a man’s world and has dealt with enough jerks to last a lifetime. After her long-term boyfriend cheats on her, she decides to swear off relationships altogether. All she wants is to have fun and maybe mess around a little. Johnny is the last man she should want to be with. Will she change her mind and let Johnny in?

***TRIGGER WARNING*** This book discusses child and domestic abuse, and a small sexual assault scene (not rape) please avoid if these would be hard for you to read

My Review

Johnny and Leah are both fighting issues from their past and present. Johnny is trying everything to become a better person for himself, Leah and the people he has wronged. Leah always has to be in control but she wants to be able to give up some control and be with Johnny but it’s difficult for her. In order to be together completely, Johnny must apologize to everyone he has wronged with the hopes they will forgive him so he can be with the one he loves and wants to change for.

I did change my mind about Johnny but I expected Leah to be stronger than she seemed after reading Secret SmilesHidden Kisses was another rollercoaster of emotions that hooks you instantly. I am glad that Johnny and Leah were able to get past the issues they faced and start their journey to happiness. Hidden Kisses is a sports romance (baseball) which is told from the first-person point of view, can be read as a standalone or as the second book in the Love in Sienna seriesHidden Kisses does touch on strong subjects like child and domestic abuse, and sexual assault that may cause triggers to some. I am looking forward to the next novel in the Love in Sienna series series.

My Rating

Meet Laura John

I’m a bit of a weirdo I hope you don’t mind!

I am a contemporary romance author with a flair for angst. I don’t shy away from tough subjects, such as, abuse, suicide, mental health, and drug use. But don’t worry you will still get the laugh out loud, and sexy time moments you expect in romance. And I always deliver an HEA.

I live in Alberta Canada, have an amazing family and a love for all things music and books.

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