Guarded Hearts by Laura John (ARC Review)

Guarded Hearts by Laura John

Series: Love in Sienna, Book 3
Style: Contemporary Romance, Friends to Lovers
Format: ARC
Release Date: February 25, 2020


Love in Sienna Series

Book 1
September 4, 2019
Book 2
December 2, 2019
Book 3
February 25, 2020


Young love. Best friends. Will they find true love in the end?

After Crystal gets pregnant at seventeen, she doesn’t know how she will able to raise her daughter and get out of a horrible living situation. But when she meets a friend who happily takes her in and gives her a chance at a new life, she realizes that things don’t always have to be bad. Crystal’s life hasn’t shown her that the tenderness and love Dustin tries to offer her could be real. Words and actions can be deceiving, so she’s put up walls around her heart that should keep her safe.

Dustin Maxx is a rock star that all the women want, but he isn’t really a player. After he meets Crystal, he notices an immediate connection. The more time they spend together, the more convinced he is that Crystal and her daughter are his. He wants to make something happen, but Crystal’s fears keep pushing him deeper into the friend zone.

Can Dustin get Crystal to drop her guard and let him in? Or will demons of the past come out and keep them apart forever?

My Review

Crystal is going to be a single mom at seventeen and has no idea how she is going to raise her daughter on her own in a horrible home until she meets Tia and she changes her world for the best including introducing her to her best friend. Dustin is a YouTube sensation turned Rockstar. Since they met, three years ago, Dustin and Crystal have been best friends and done everything together. After Dustin surprises Crystal on her twenty-first birthday and they share a super hot kiss their friendship takes a turn. Not wanting to ruin their friendship and her past haunting her, Crystal tries to keep Dustin in the “friend zone” but he is determined to get her out of her own head and show her how much he loves her and her daughter, Olivia.

Guarded Hearts is a good friend-to-lovers romance. Dustin and Crystal’s story took a little longer than the other two to get going but turned out to be a sweet slow burn romance. I love how fiercely loyal and loving Dustin is, especially with Olivia but Crystal was a little too “in her head” about Dustin that it got to be a little repetitive. Laura John is not afraid to touch on some tougher subjects and these may cause triggers for some. Guarded Hearts is the third book in the Love in Sienna series, a best friends to lovers story which is told in the first-person point of view and can be read either as a standalone or as part of the Love in Sienna series.

ARC was generously provided in exchange for my honest review!

Meet Laura John

I’m a bit of a weirdo I hope you don’t mind!

I am a contemporary romance author with a flair for angst. I don’t shy away from tough subjects, such as, abuse, suicide, mental health, and drug use. But don’t worry you will still get the laugh out loud, and sexy time moments you expect in romance. And I always deliver an HEA.

I live in Alberta Canada, have an amazing family and a love for all things music and books. 

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