Worth the Risk by Lissanne Jones (ARC Review)

Worth the Risk by Lissanne Jones

Series: Worth It All, Book 1
Style: Contemporary Romance, Friends to Lovers
Format: ARC
Release Date: February 28, 2020

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Will taking a shot at love be worth risking the friendship of a lifetime?

Jessica Coleman and Rory Cooke have been best friends since they were children, but as they approach their thirtieth birthdays they realize the love they feel for each other is no longer platonic.

Rory is sure that Jess is the woman for him and always has been, but he’s forced to stand by and watch her date another man. What if she never works out what he has – that they’re meant to be together?

Jess finally recognizes Rory for who he truly is โ€“ the man sheโ€™s in love with. But she’s afraid to take that leap, because if their romance ends she’s not only lost her lover, but her best friend as well.

Will they decide that being in love is worth the risk of losing the extraordinary friendship they already have, or will they stay just friends forever?ย 

My Review

Rory and Jess have been best friends for over twenty years and everyone but they can tell that they are the loves of each other’s lives. On Rory’s twenty-ninth birthday, his sister hints that it is time to start thinking of settling down and that his true love will be “revealed” soon enough. While sitting in Jess’s bedroom talking Rory is struck with the realization that Jess is the love of his life but there is one issue, she has a boyfriend. After breaking up with her boyfriend, Rory starts dropping subtle hints to Jess about his attraction to her. Jess recognizes Rory as her true love about all others but is afraid to lose their unbelievable friendship.

Rory and Jess’s story was amazing. Their friendship is solid, romance is hot, steamy and swoon-worthy and the story hits all of the feels. Lissanne Jones hit a home run with her debut novel and I can not wait to read more of her novels. She has become one of my top authors. Worth the Risk is the debut novel and first novel in the Worth It All series by Lissanne Jones which is a friends to lovers romance told in the third-person point of view

*ARC was generously provided for my honest review*

Meet Lissanne Jones

Lissanne Jones has been reading romance books and writing stories since she was a teenager, so it was inevitable that she would eventually start writing love stories of her own. She lives in her hometown of Sydney, Australia, but loves to travel. A crazy cat lady who also masquerades as a macaroni and cheese connoisseur, she’s known for her love of flamingos, stationery and the colour pink. She spends her days plotting and writing both steamy contemporary romance and romantic suspense books, which she’s grateful to be able to share with you.

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