Enticed by Harlow James (Cover Reveal)

Enticed by Harlow James

Series: Emerson Falls, Book 2
Style: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 16, 2020



Emerson Falls Series

December 18, 2019
Emerson Falls, Book 1
March 16, 2020
Emerson Falls, Book 2


One night. One bullet. One instance where I saw Clara Anderson at her worst and something in me shifted. The woman was no longer just one of my older sister’s best friends—she was a more beautiful version of the girl I harbored a crush on as a teenager—and I saved her life when she needed me. The desire to protect her blossomed and grew in the months following her attack, along with my feelings. I know my sister warned me away, knowing that Clara was the anti-relationship type, but the string tying us together kept pulling tighter and tighter. Before I knew it, I was agreeing to a secret rendezvous with this woman that enticed me with every move she made. I was in too deep, and I know she felt it too, but fear can do strange things to a person, and Clara’s fear could be the knife that severed our tie.

The night I was attacked was the lowest point of my life, but Cooper Walsh saved me and became my protector. It didn’t hurt that he was easy on the eyes and a muscular contrast to the young, scrawny boy I teased when we were younger—a fact that his sister saw me appreciate and warned me not to act on. But before I knew it, I was harboring a crush on my best friend’s younger brother, so I enticed him with my body, hoping that scratching the physical itch I had for him would be enough—but it was more than just physical and I knew it. I don’t do feelings, so I suggested we see each other in secret, hoping that the pressure of figuring out what we were would be less if no one knew. Eventually, it came time for me to make a decision when my heart told me one thing and my head argued another. But you know what they say about fear—fear is the brain’s way of saying there is something important to overcome—and Cooper could be the one man to help me overcome my past—if I could just let him in.

Meet Harlow James

Harlow James is a wife and mom who fell in love with romance novels, so she decided to write her own.

Her debut series, The Hopetown Series, can be found on Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited.

Her baseball romance and complete standalone, One Look, is now available.

Tangled, the first book in her new Emerson Falls Series, is now available.

When she’s not writing, she can be found working her day job, reading every romance novel she can find time for, laughing with her husband and kids, watching re-runs of FRIENDS, and spending time cooking for her friends and family while drinking margaritas.

Connect with Harlow James
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