Open Your Eyes by Delancey Stewart (Cover Reveal)

Open Your Eyes by Delancey Stewart, Kings Grove Book 2, has a cover reveal today!

Open Your Eyes by Delancey Stewart

Series: Kings Grove, Book 2

Style: Small Town Romance

Release Date: May 1, 2020


Sometimes finding the future you want means embracing the past…


I’d be lying if I didn’t say that Sam and Chance Palmer are both tall and handsome, and they both look pretty damned good with a hammer hanging off their tool belts as they run their construction business in the small mountain town of Kings Grove. But when it comes to the hottest eligible bachelors in town, I’ve only got eyes for one of them—Chance. And he won’t even look my way unless it’s because I’ve just spilled something on him or tripped directly into his path.

And his brother Sam? He’s the one person in town who I kind of wish would just disappear. Since we were in school together, he knows everything about me. Including the one thing I’ve never told anyone else.


Miranda George has always had the hots for my older brother, which means I’ve spent years trying to ignore my feelings for her. The problem is that we’ve known each other much too long, I am intimately familiar with every adorably clutzy move she’s ever made, and I can never seem to repress my A-hole gene when she’s around. She makes me nervous, and my mouth takes off without me.

I’ve given her every reason to hate me, so why can’t I stop thinking about what it would be like if she fell in love with me instead?

When a backcountry wildfire threatens everything and everyone they both love, will Miranda and Sam be able to look beyond their complicated past and see a future that might bring them together?

This smart, funny small-town romance is the second book in Delancey Stewart’s Kings Grove Series.

Kings Grove Series

Delancey Stewart

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