Thrust by Mary B. Moore (Cover Reveal)

The cover for Thrust, an all-new contemporary romance from Mary B. Moore is here!

Thrust by Mary B. Moore

Series: Driven World

Style: Contemporary Romance

About the Book


My childhood made me grow up quickly, but I could honestly say that Colton had taught me how to be a real man, while Rylee had been the mother figure who’d helped me smooth out a lot of the ragged edges I’d had emotionally. 

That hadn’t been enough, though, so after graduation I’d focused on Stanford and put into practice everything Colton had taught me. I wanted to be respected because I’d earned it, to have a life I’d built myself, so the second I got my chance to go out into the world after that, I took it. They were all my home and my anchors, but I needed to find out who I really was and to shake off the remaining resentment I had toward my parents and break the final piece of the hold they had on me. So I did.

Now, six years later, I’m back. 

Everything’s changed, everyone’s changed. It feels good to be back around my family, but the one person I thought would be excited to see me isn’t. She thinks I left her and she thinks I forgot about her, but she couldn’t be further from the truth.

As teenagers, what I felt for her was more than a crush, but I never acted on it and never let her know because I couldn’t let myself be that vulnerable with someone. Now, as adults, it’s all consuming, and finding out that someone from her past has been stalking and threatening her is testing the control I’ve worked so hard to find.

I might have come crashing back into her life, but I’m here to stay now. I just need her to trust me and believe me while I work on opening up a side of me I’ve never opened up to anyone. 

And I also need to keep her safe.


I’m a British author who grew up all over the world. My parents were diplomats, so we were posted to all of the corners of the earth and it was a blast. Some wouldn’t seem so awesome if you heard about them, but my parents always made it a fun experience and it molded my brother and I into who we are today.
I live in Wiltshire in the west country of the UK. At random times of the day, I’ll hear a moo from the fields around me, or get a whiff of that…uhhh…’country air’, and I love it! I might not have grown up in the UK, but I’m a British girl to the bone (regardless of the suspicious whiffs coming in from the fields).
I’m a single mother with a son who is nearing his teenage phase. Maybe he’s reached it early? Who knows. But he’s awesome and has a personality and sense of humor that I can only attribute to my family. We’re slightly bonkers, we have a wicked sense of humor and we find the positives in every situation. I’m so proud to be his mum and to watch him grow and mature.
Writing was something that I’d always done. I had a teacher in the third grade who always set us the task of writing a story and making it into a book every weekend. After I left school, I kept this up and wrote as often as I could or just plotted out books. This evolved into me taking the plunge and publishing my first book in 2016 and I’ve been typing ever since.
I’m proud to be an Indie Author, and I absolutely love writing out my crazy Providence characters and the more complex ones in my other series’. It doesn’t matter if it’s romantic comedy or something with more suspense – so long as it has a HEA I’ll do it!
I’ve got so many more planned, so the best is yet to come.
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