Worth the Chance by Lissanne Jones (Cover Reveal)

The cover for Worth the Chance by Lissanne Jones has been revealed!

Worth the Chance by Lissanne Jones

Series: Worth It All, Book 3

Style: Military Romance, Age Gap Romance

Release Date: June 4, 2020

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About the Book

Drew Sutton is a former Marine who wants what his best friends Rory and Jess have: a happy marriage and a child they adore. While heโ€™s adjusted to civilian life, he hasnโ€™t found any woman he could imagine sharing it with. That changes when he meets his goddaughterโ€™s preschool teacher. Gemma Farrell is sexy, smart… and a decade younger than him.

He falls hard for her, but between their differences and his demons, Drew fears their romance will eventually fizzle out. Will those who love him be able to help him see that finding happiness with Gemma is worth taking a chance on, or is he destined to be alone forever?

Worth It All

Lissanne Jones

Lissanne Jones has been reading romance books and writing stories since she was a teenager, so it was inevitable that she would eventually start writing love stories of her own. She lives in her hometown of Sydney, Australia, but loves to travel. A crazy cat lady who also masquerades as a macaroni and cheese connoisseur, she’s known for her love of flamingos, stationery and the colour pink. She spends her days plotting and writing both steamy contemporary romance and romantic suspense books, which she’s grateful to be able to share with you.
Connect with Lissanne Jones
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